brand magic

“A few days ago I ordered your book and literally devoured it. I know hundreds of definitions and approaches to the subject, but “Brand Magic” moved me deeply and gave me a much much deeper look. Brands are not just the associations they trigger, nor are the assets, expectations and beliefs customers associate with them.
I have never read anything like it and I am convinced that your book must be considered a standard work on the unconscious workings of brands and the secret transformation of people. I would like to invite you to help us revise, reposition and focus our brand, which I’m sure you are well aware of.”

“In this book, author Thomas Zerlauth incorporates all the experience he has gained over the past 25 years as a brand developer into a coherent work. Anyone interested in a deeper understanding of marketing is in the right place. Thomas Zerlauth uses very concrete examples to explain how successful brands succeed in addressing customers unconsciously and then also stimulate the same customers to “mini-transformations”.”

“Perhaps the most important book ever written about brands! An in-depth look that I would not have expected and that will have a lasting and probably forever influence on my own way of working. Thank you so much for this.”

“I got to know Thomas Zerlauth during sports: relaxed, casual and very likeable. “Oh, you work as a brand developer and author,” I say. Shortly after, I was already gripped by his “brand magic”. Now I know that you don’t have to be a brand professional to be enchanted by myths, symbols and stories of the brand world. Thomas Zerlauth does this eloquently and profoundly, and places the essences from his, for me, impressively extensive bibliography very accurately. I see Zerlauth’s “markenmagie” as a must-know textbook for all those who deal with brands. For myself, it was also an inspiring introspection on what I thought I knew about myself.”

“Thomas Zerlauth understands branding. Super exciting book on branding and what really makes successful brands! Can recommend it to everyone!”

“If you want to be particularly successful as a company, you need a strong, an almost magical brand. In many cases, the core of the brand forms a long-term trusted entity to which customers and employees alike aspire. Whoever is responsible for a brand in a company gives it meaning and significance, because brands are like a breathing shell. Author Thomas Zerlauth addresses the topic from 3 temporal perspectives:
1. customer perspective: how does the customer subjectively experience the brand? This question forms the starting point for the development of the brand.
2. development of “magic” brands: How can the brand and, above all, brand trust be created?
3. brand management: how can levels of meaning be created for a brand? Zerlauth has developed the “MarkenSprint”, which in his view represents the essence of brand magic and enables the analysis of the most important elements of magical brands. In particular, it is about the sphere of meaning, the codes of the brand, the hero of the story and the psyche of the hero.”

“The magic of a brand is not created on the drawing board of an advertising expert, but is born and nurtured by trust-inspiring interactions between customer and company that touch them personally and invite them to resonate. Brands provide direction and guidance, tell stories that are fit for the future, invite participation and sharing, inspire vibrant and trusting relationships, and give customers the promise of a listening ear to their needs and problems.”

“I think the title does justice to what it “hints” at on the spine of the book. That’s because the book provides some very good examples of the psychological games that many a brand plays to stay in the minds of its target audience. This is well explained in the book using the example of two rival fast food chains. But there is a lot more to learn, such as what the true “magic elements” of a brand are in order for it to be perceived that way. I also particularly liked how a brand manages to build trust in the first place. All in all, a very good book on brand building!”