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Brands are coded fields of consciousness and operate on an implicit level. We developed a strategy tool to view your brand from the psychological perception position of a consumer. Knowing the crucial inner-psychic processes will give you clarity on how to position and code your brand to be successful in the long run.


Thomas Zerlauth is a depth-psychologically oriented brand strategist. He has worked for over 20 years as a brand developer in the luxury hotel and health industry. As a psychotherapeutically trained coach and instructional trainer, he published several standard works on NLP, mental training, mindfulness and perception as early as the mid-1990s.

He defines brands as multidimensional and coded frames of meaning that operate particularly in the unconscious and radiate indirectly.

He founded MarkenSprint® and is running his own branding company in Austria, Switzerland and Thailand (decoded™) and publishing his new book MarkenMagie“ (BrandMagic) in summer 2022.

Super geniales Branding!
Raoul Bracht
CEO Liebscher Bracht Schmerzspezialisten
Eye-opening mental positioning and understanding the concept of "brand codes".
Marketing & Global Branding
Thai Airways
“Brands are coded frames of meaning that work implicitly”
Absolutely love the branding and brand essence projects (2009 till 2021) you did for us!
Karina Stewart
Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary