Many companies don’t have a concrete idea of what is meant by a brand and what magical power lies within it. I specialize in designing strong and iconic brands that make people trust and convey an intuitive meaning.

What makes people unconsciously trust and convey meaning

Layers of meaning

Magic is an essential ingredient in the development of brands. They speak to us unconsciously, influence and enchant our inner state. Thomas Zerlauth takes an unusual look at what lies behind in terms of depth psychology. His book shows why brands have a charisma and at the same time give it, why they touch us and only become alive in the encounter and participation. He describes how the unconscious guides our decisions and how truly magical brands are created.


→ Why brands deserve a more vivid and magical way of looking at them.
→ The subjective experience of the customer as a starting point for brand development.
→ The MarkenSprint®: Analysis of the most important elements of magical brands.
→ How brand trust is created
→ Meaning management: creating layers of meaning for a brand.

Thomas Zerlauth is a brand strategist oriented on depth psychology. For more than 20 years he has been working as a brand developer in the luxury hotel industry and in the healthcare sector. As a psychotherapeutically trained coach and instructional trainer, he published several standard works on NLP, mental training, mindfulness and perception as early as the mid-1990s.

He defines brands as multidimensional and coded frames of meaning that operate primarily in the unconscious.