How is your
brand coded?

the secret codes of successful brands

coded reality.

A brand is ultimately what the human autopilot perceives and decodes in a fraction of a second. The autopilot is essentially nothing other than the unconscious and some automated processes of our psyche. The pilot who, if necessary, corrects the autopilot or intervenes in a controlling way is, in the terminology of depth psychologists, the ego and the consciousness associated with it.

Through neuro-psychology we know that 95% of all purchasing decisions are made unconsciously – by our autopilot. Despite this scientific fact, most marketing people still focus mainly on the pilot in the human being. They throw information at him that is certainly important, such as special product features or the benefits of its effect. However, information that only appeals to the pilot is practically irrelevant to our decision-making and literally forgettable. A „brand“ is everything that appeals to the unconscious part in us and creates a resonance – which is why the topic of „brand“ is on everyone‘s lips, but also very misunderstood. You can only understand brands if you know the map of the psychic and can find your way around it.
Whether a certain piece of information is basically resonant and conscious is decided on an unconscious level. The big question is therefore how we approach this unconscious and how we can „address“ it.

Today, neuroscience is well aware of how this implicit system “thinks”. It uses associations and is guided by frames of meaning. Whether something is meaningful or not is decoded and decided in a fraction of a second based on the patterns present. Ultimately, this means coded signals that give us a brief glimpse through the keyhole into the room behind. For the autopilot, this brief glance through the door lock is enough to decide whether it is “worthwhile and worthwhile” at all.

Successfully managed brands are always also thought through and built up in depth psychology – because in this way they appeal to precisely that part of our psyche that is responsible for our decisions. It is a great and persistent illusion that we act rationally and decide consciously. The fact is that we are led to make decisions by our inner autopilot.

A brand is ultimately what gives the autopilot an intuitive meaning and gut feeling. Brands can develop a tremendous pull and we usually find it difficult to rationally explain this effect and our reaction to it. It gives us a feeling, an impression, a numinous power that makes us think it is about us. It draws us in magically and “speaks” to that part of us that can only be spoken to indirectly.
It somehow feels strangely right, familiar and good. It regulates our inner state and gives us orientation, simplicity and meaning.