Hotel Positioning

markensprint for the clear
positioning of your hotel

Thomas Zerlauth,
psychology focused brand strategist

"Hotel positioning" means bringing a hotel or a special service into the perception of a (potential) guest and positioning it in the memory in the long term. This involves a radically new perspective approach and a strategy that deals with finding still unoccupied spots in people's memory.

The MarkenSprint for hoteliers is only carried out by certified specialists

Absolutely love the branding and brand essence (2009 - 2021) you created with us!
Founders & Owners of
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The 4 hour workshop
for the positioning of your hotel

In order to uniquely position hotels, it is imperative to understand in depth how our minds work and which key forces influence the market and guests’ booking decisions.

MarkenSprint is a strategy tool to look at brands from a radically new perspective. In our workshop, we will guide you through a script that all remarkable stories and brands ultimately follow. This new understanding will change your further brand development, hotel positioning and communication forever.

Our intensive workshop lasts half a day. From experience, more time is not necessary to achieve a strong successful result. From our point of view, this is achieved when you get a clear idea from which perspective you start your brand development or where and how your brand is to be positioned in order to play a real role in the reality of your guests’ lives.

The mental battle
for the perception
of the guests